Most of our delivered subject outcomes are project-based tasks. Students will have opportunities to apply their theoretical and practical learning in the class into specific themed projects individually or in a group. The projects are usually given from the beginning of the lecture or in the mid-term period to be fulfilled before the last day of final term test approaches. After walking through the projects, respective lecturers with associated subjects will register students’ works to obtain Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). The following projects are English Diploma student works with copyrights.

1ZOOPEDIA: The AnthologyBI-1 CLASS of 20182019HAKI
2The lonely WillowZalzabila Megan Amadina
Firza Maulani
Nakia Aisyah Anandita
Tarisa Devi Firmansyah
3Pulu The Angry MonsterUlif Wakhidatul Jannah
Regita Febriani Herwibowo
Thouriq Jesa Mahendra
Gerald Auzan Abbasyah
4Fresh Graduate And His New JobAri Nur Virgantara
Febrina Dewi Masyitho
Muhammad Bagus Meidiyanto
5Online Class Ahmad Nur Rasyid
Aditya Nur Fauzi
Aziza Sheva Dwiyanto
Diva Nanda Noveza Putri
6The Poor GirlAlvin Ni'mah
Cahya Tsabitah
Mirna Marissa
7The Butterfly And The CockroachDevita Ekarizma Kurnawan
Nanda Rizki Astono
Zahroh Tsamrotul Qolbi
Fitri Wulandari
Yafi Abdul Malik

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