The three-year Diploma Program (D3) in English Universitas Airlangga was established in 2001 based on Directorate General of Higher Education’s Decree number 3105/D/T/2001. This program aims to answer the needs of the Indonesian people for a qualified workforce in applied English. As a vocational education institute, the D3 Program in English concentrates its students’ education on two interests, namely English Teaching and Business Communication. Graduates of this program are expected to meet the needs of the community both in the industry and English teaching services.


In its development, the D3 Program in English has undergone many changes, including its curriculum that is tailored to the needs of all parties involved both internally and externally. The rapid growth of science and technology inevitably affects the development of teaching and learning process delivered in this program. Since its inception, this program has undergone a one-time change in curriculum that was developed in 2010. Thus, this program has so far implemented two curricula, namely the 2001 curriculum and the 2010 curriculum. The program’s curriculum is reviewed annually although it was only changed once. In the review, the study program makes several adjustments by updating the competencies of the courses, adding new courses considered important, and adjusting the number of credits offered. All these are conducted based on the needs analysis performed by the program on lecturers, students and stakeholders.

In the 2013 curriculum review, the program also made some adjustments by adding one new course and merging several courses into one (from four courses to two courses). Since these adjustments were not made in a major way, they were considered a minor change. The added course is Computer Assisted Language Learning on the ground that technological development in the world of English teaching is absolutely necessary while this was not accommodated in the teaching interest list. Meanwhile, the merged courses were Extensive English 1 and Extensive English 2 into Extensive English, and Interpreting 1 and Interpreting 2 into Interpreting. All these changes aim to better accommodate and equip students to be work-ready, skilful, creative and innovative in the workplace they choose.

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