EDSO CARE 2019 “Carry The Love Through The Happiness”

English Diploma Student Organization (EDSO) has a work program called EDSO Care. It was recently finished last April with more than 20 participants from the students of English Diploma Major. The work program comes from Community Service Division of EDSO and it is motivated to serve the community as well as knowledge in the field of English for sure. EDSO Care is an annual work program since EDSO was estabilished, December 2009. Our first time ever EDSO Care was in Surabaya which was located in Kembang Jepun. And this year, we had planned to expand our relation and therefore we decided to held our work program out of town.

The ultimate goal of helding EDSO Care is to introduce and show our major to all students who are about to continue their study in Universitas Airlangga and also share happiness and joy to them. To showed them that we care a lot, we donate some grants that we gather and we also motivate them to learn and love English because it is necessary, so they will grow and love English as their foreign language. Community Service is one of thousand paths for us to share our loves and cares for them who need a helping hand.

SD Negeri 1 Druju, Malang, Jawa Timur

Our destination for EDSO Care 2019 was landed in an elementary school in Malang, SDN Druju 1 Malang, that was how it was known in Malang. We choose it without no reason, there was something that push us to get there. We strongly believed that they need us. After sorting every single information that we needed to proof that this school deserve the charity, we prepared everything that would be needed during our trip. The route was pretty rough to pass through and It took 3 hours to get there with a bus, but we actually made it.

EDSO Care lasted for one day, we begin with learned English together and then we held fun games related to English with the intention to encourage students to be interested and learn English, then ended with donations in the form of books and several things that might be needed for support the teaching and learning process in the elementary school. Mrs. Tutik as the representative of the school was very grateful to us for the donations and also for the voluntary teaching in English at the elementary school. We realize that there are still many elementary school students who want to get more education but the obstacles come with all kinds of forms and we hope that the things we do can also be done by other people.

We hope that in the next year a program of community service will be better, because we aware that many peoples especially in remote villages, really need our attention.

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