Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, D3 English Study Program Opens an Online-Based Internship Program

The coronavirus that has emerged since the beginning of 2020 has paralyzed a series of human life activities. Not only workers and medical personnel, but students are also feeling the effects of this never-ending virus. They found it challenging to do internships because many companies decide to lay off their workers and limit the offer for internships.

The decrease in companies that provide internship programs has led to competition among students for internships at a company. The difficulty of finding an internship also occurred to D3 English students. Some find it difficult to find internships because many companies postpone the apprenticeship program and even delay new recruitment.

The D3 English Department of Airlangga University has opened an online internship program to help solve this problem. This program is held explicitly for 6th semester D3 English students to fulfill the graduation requirements.

“After being given one week to find an internship, the result was not satisfactory. So, this online internship is a solution and a response to the concerns of students who have difficulty finding companies that are opening internships due to the pandemic,” said Mr. Sidarta as the head of the D3 English study program.

He also added no reason for students not to do internships after this online internship program in the program study was opened.

There are several alternative options for apprenticeship activities provided. Some are carried out in groups and individually. Individual projects include Product-based Internships and Englishpreneurship projects, while group projects include online seminars or workshops.

The alternatives provided for Product-based also vary. Students can choose one of the options given. For example, they can make English learning videos, make short illustrated storybooks, translate books that have never been translated before. There are also blog projects by writing three articles published on the study program website and many more.

As for the online seminar/workshop project, students can create groups of 3-4 people. There are several options from this seminar/workshop project, including regional, national online seminars/workshops, to international online seminars/workshops with themes related to one of the courses that have been studied in the D3 English Study Program.

More than half of the 2018 class students choose to do an internship in the study program. Many of them decided to do an internship in the study program because they had been rejected by the company several times.

The number of alternatives provided is expected to increase student creativity in implementing the courses that have been taught. This program is also supervised and guided directly by the respective supervising lectures.

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