5 Reasons Why English is Important in the World of Business

About 1 million people speak Chinese, but they concentrated in China. Four hundred million people speak Spanish, particularly in Latin America. However, there are only about 360 million people who speak English as a first language, but if you combine that with those who speak English as a second language, the number will rise to 860 million and spread worldwide. It’s no surprise that English has become a universal language. But how important is it to learn English? Good English language skills are a must to succeed in today’s business world. If you’re planning to expand your business to different parts of the world, you’ll find that English is the most widely used language. Here are five reasons why English is essential in the business world.

Leaders point out good English skill as a key success in business

#1 Based on research, many companies have identified English proficiency as an essential qualification for prospective applicants.  In 2018, of the 2,000 business leaders on LinkedIn, English was the foundation of the top three skills employers are looking for – leadership, communication, and collaboration.

If You want to work in Global Trade and Commerce, English is a must

#2 Over the last decade or two, English has quickly become the most spoken language in global trade and commerce. Therefore, it is not surprising that having excellent English language skills is very important to each employee’s career’s success. While working, for example, you are expected to carry out negotiations and business transactions in English and write emails, contracts, reports, and agreements in English. English also used as a trade bridge between non-English speaking countries and English-speaking countries.

English is the language of technology

#3 Along with the rapid development of the internet, English has become an essential part of the spread of technology. Since the internet was invented in America, vocabulary related to technology has been created and distributed in English. English affects businesses that thrive in cutting-edge technology, research and communications applications because their denominator is English.

Better employment prospect

#4 Good language understanding will make it easier for workers to make decisions. One of the most important benefits of being fluent in English is increasing your job opportunities and career prospects. People who are fluent in English will be sought after by companies, especially those from the multinational sector. If you’re looking for a job, good speaking skills and understanding English can give you a significant advantage when competing with other candidates.

It allows you to travel

#5 If you’ve dreamed of working for an international company or have the opportunity to travel around the world while you’re working, your English must be above average. Imagine that you’re an Indonesian on a trip to Thailand, and that your partners don’t speak Indonesian. They’ll answer your questions in English, of course. Due to different countries, English makes international communication easier.

Becoming fluent in English will benefit you when interacting with many people. English is also used as a liaison in trade circles worldwide between non-native speakers to create efficient and effective communication. And the five points above are examples of why English is important in the world of business.


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